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<p><strong>Customer</strong> Acquisition</p>

Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers can sometimes leaves brands scratching their heads, feeling like they've tried everything when they're after "upping the ante" when it comes to drumming up new customers. However, don't worry because we've done the hard work. We've spent a lot of time trialling and testing our unique methods of customer acquisition and we've honed in on the ones that maximise ROI, which is great news for you. 

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<p><strong>Brand</strong> Awareness</p>

Brand Awareness

In order to acquire new customers, it can sometimes be a case of "putting the feelers out" to get the ball rolling, but when you're based at the other end of the country, it may be easier said than done. Our brand representatives work all around Scotland, England and Wales, setting up professionally branded awareness campaigns in high footfall areas to draw the public's eye to your brand and ultimately, maximising ROI. 

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<p><strong>Lead</strong> Generation</p>

Lead Generation

Lead generation through surveys, questionnaires, prize draws and competitions is a modern and innovative approach to data collection. Lead generation is the 21st century method of bridging the gap between client and consumer. Undertaken by fully trained brand representatives, lead generation can bring you fast, cost-effective results. 

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